Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friday's Compendium O' Links

A lot of cool and interesting links this week. Hopefully you enjoy.

First, the musical:

They're not being greedy, no, not at all.

Apparently Bollywood music is ubiquitious.

Vampire weekend 2.0 is coming!

Next the faithical:

Kathleen Sebelius, former governor of Kansas, talks frankly about the Catholic Church denying her communion for her views on abortion.

Fascinating story on prayer and how to pray; no not from Christianity Today, but from the NY Times.

Since this is Ramadan, an interesting photo blog on 30 mosques in 30 days.

On to the animal
(OK the 2nd one should probably go in the musical section, but I need another...shoot me!)

Scientists have determined that a mythical eagle in New Zealand did, in fact, exist and have named it the "Haast Eagle." The eagle weighed over 40 pounds and had powerful enough talons to kill a human. The bird is extinct, and we know we're supposed to be sad about that but ...

In the bird bird music video.

Doubtless, you think you have seen all the email forwards about optical illusions. I did too.

Finally the humorous, cool links:

How to win at scrabble.

Oh, those olden days ways were a special time, when wives used to demonstrate the power of bulletproof glass.

Crazy strong hair.

The health care debate is important—but it pales in comparison to the age-old "Pirates vs. Ninjas" question. Fortunately, Wired UK has taken this debate head on. For the record, ninjas would totally beat pirates in a fair fight ...

What not to do in the background of a cool Obama pic.

What not to do to geeks.

Be NASA for $150.

Weekly dose of cardiac arrest.

My favorite link of the week! As the poster says, the look at 00:32 is awesome.

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