Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday's Compendium O' Links

I thought last Friday was my first foray in to the world of Friday linking. But it turns out that I was there one month ago, and didn't realize it. Oh well.

Anyway, onto the links:

Be scared, be very, very scared--rodents of unusual size do exist. Also, here, here and here.

Staying with the animal theme, is your internet connection faster than a pigeon?

From the "I never realized that" department comes this revelation.

If you ever wondered about the mathematics of grocery lines and how to prove the express lanes were not really express, well, wonder no longer. Or you can simply rely on intuition.

Another geeky math link regarding the mathematics of urinal usage. From the genius that is XKCD.

Awesome review of Will Smith Movie

Continuing the awesome theme, the awesomest fight scene evah, and the awesomest song evah!.

Now onto the interesting stuff:

A photo essay 8 years after 9-11. Today is 9-11. Where were you? If you want to relive the day, check out this live thread at FreeRepublic, people posting as news developed.

On the 9-11 theme, an image from space.

More images from space.

A rescuer meets with those he saved, who were recreating their escape.

An artist's rendition of what Manhattan would have looked like a few years ago.

The mad kings of clutter. I don't feel so bad about my pack-rat-edness anymore.

Very cool: Toothpick city

From Dubious: Why are tortilla chips so good? Also known as they're getting paid to study what, now?

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