Friday, January 29, 2010

Tim Tebow, Abortion and the Superbowl

By now, you've undoubtedly heard about the controversy that is the Focus on the Family commercial featuring Tim Tebow and his mother.

If not, quickly, FotF is paying 2.5 million for a commercial during the Superbowl featuring Tim Tebow's mother. Apparently she was advised to abort because of various complications with her pregnancy. She didn't, gave birth to Tim, who since has become one of the best college quarterbacks in the nation (note, as a football fan myself, I qualify that he is very good in the college game, but probably not so in the professional).

Here's a fantastic take on the situation from a Christian blog, The Gospel-Driven Church:

The furor over the proposed Tim Tebow pro-life Super Bowl commercial is interesting. Free speech would seem to apply, especially since it's not obscene material. But in general, I think the sort of approach the Tebow ad is said to take is problematic. Abortion's potential to deprive us of a Beethoven (or a great college quarterback), I think, is a losing argument anyway, following the logic. How many aborted babies would have grown up to be deadbeat dads, child abusers, drunk drivers, or even serial killers? The point of the pro-life movement shouldn't be protecting potential VIP's and superpeople, but protecting lives because lives are precious.

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