Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Compendium O' Links

Cool links from the last few weeks:

A video recreation of that US Air flight that crash landed into the Hudson River between Manhattan and New Jersey. Very cool.

A Christian show princed, i.e. punked, on live TV.

Neil Peart, of the band Rush, added percussion (and a lot of it) to the Hockey Night in Canada theme song. I love it. Compare the original with the new version. A couple related asides. Did you know that "Peart" is pronounced PEER-T? Neither did I. Also, apparently CBC sold the rights of the song to CTV/TSN sometime over the last few years. What were they thinking?

Another cool link from DQ: A video conception of what the Earth would look like if it had rings like Saturn.

Finally, for the day at least, a very cool story about a guy who maintained a blog and twitter account letting the world know where to find leaked albums early. Completely anonymous, the world knew him as DidItLeak. Together, he and his 11,000+ followers seemed to be a pariah for the RIAA and the music industry. So when his feed went suddenly blank a few weeks ago, people thought that the RIAA shut him down. But it turns out that he passed away from Cancer on January 16. This was his side hobby while enduring this dreadful disease.

Enjoy. That's all for now.

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