Friday, October 16, 2009

Compendium O' Links

I have taken a hiatus from Friday Links. 2 weeks in fact. It's harder than I thought, compiling what I think is cool/funny/interesting. Because, I'm so weird, I have no idea what my two readers will think. I suppose since I'm almost sure both are family, they already know.

Anyway, here goes. This is a brief entry because of time. I have more, just waiting to be shared. Sorry!

I have given up trying to put them in some semblance of grouping or order.

I start off with my favorite link of the past couple weeks. A video I've shared on FB already. But it must be shared again, if not for the look of sheer joy on the dude's face.

This is a car ad?

Probably fake, but very cool.

I don't care if this spider is a vegetarian or not. Spiders freak me out.

Thought of the day from the Thinkling blog: "Michael Moore has made a movie that argues that capitalism is evil. He is charging people to buy, distribute, and attend this movie."

More irony: A couple months ago, the CEO of whole foods wrote an op-ed piece in the WSJ decrying Obama’s health care plan. The liberal elite was outraged. Some even started a boycott of Whole Foods, even though it's very green, very "progressive". They viewed MacKey as a turncoat to their cause. So MacKey gave an interview to the WSJ about the whole thing. The funny thing—he’s a "progressive". He just doesn't like the plan


feddabonn said...

saw the piano stairs earlier today, thought it was just painted on. thanks for the video!

one thing funny about 'western' politics is how one has to take a 'side'. in india, for instance, you could be a hindu supremacist whatever party you belong to, and the party most famous for hindu supremacist ideas has had successful muslim and christian (practising) MPs.

JMJ said...

It's a good thing and a bad thing -- good is that any politician (in theory) can vote on whatever line he wants, as opposed to voting on party lines (e.g. parliamentary system in Canada).

Bad thing is that no one party represents any one person. Anyone who says otherwise, is either an extemist or fooling themselves.