Friday, October 16, 2009

Compendium O' Links Vol 2

I am up late waiting ...

So, I thought I'd post the rest of the links I had saved:

Whatever bad things you think about the twilight books/movies, and I'm sure there are a lot of bad things to say, the upcoming movie has a pretty rocking soundtrack.

Speaking of movies and soundtracks, Where the Wild Things Are opened in theaters today. I loved the book as a kid. The soundtrack for this is fantastic. Listen to it here. Buy it here.

According to this fascinating article, there's an entire group of people living in underground drainage tunnels under Las Vegas. People have living quarters down there, and make their money and food by scavenging around casinos looking for discarded money and food. Many of them struggle with addiction and face the constant threat of flooding.

A new study suggests that parents lie to their children fairly often. In other news, Santa Claus is watching you!

This reminded me of the sappy powerpoint of cute cats and dogs email forward your 60 year old coworker forwards you. But unlike the forward, this one is actually thought provoking.

Very cool: Creative billboards. The McDonald's one is my fave.

These photos from the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Germany are incredible. Never have faces produced such forests of hair. I suspect that if this was held in India that the non-Indians wouldn't stand a chance.

Very Cool: Skateboard Tetris

Improv Anywhere, as I've said many times before is awesome, their pranks famous. This time, they take on the "bigoted" logo of Wendy's.

A very amusing video on the perils of being a nature photographer.

Very cool: 1 million frames per second video of bullets.

For fans of Rich Mullins (which will get his own blog post...someday): a cover of his song, Creed. I've never seen a hammer dulcimer before.

See! that's 2 weeks of links in one day...albeit in 2 posts. Hope you enjoyed.

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