Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Power Metal?

When i was younger I was into metal.  But back then, what I considered metal is now considered rock.  Lately, I've been getting into this sub genre of metal called "power" or "symphonic".

The first song below is the seed of my Pandora station.  I discovered it as an actuary friend of mine introduced me to it:

Click here for the youtube playlist.


Blind Guardian - Soulforged

Blind Guardian - Battlefield

Hammerfall - The Templar Flame

Gamma Ray - Fight

Sabaton - Gott Mit Uns

Tyr - The Lay of Thrym


Jeff Lenhart said...

Being that you are at least partially responsible for turning me away from the mires of CCM and toward the fully-flowered path towards metal (by introducing me to Petra), I had to comment on this post. Of all those songs you've posted, the one by Sabaton has me most interested. I'm gonna look into them some more.

If you haven't yet listened to Trivium, you should. I think you'd like them. Also, even if you don't like the heavier forms of metal, check out For Today 'Agape', and August Burns Red 'Creative Captivity'. You'll love it.

JMJ said...

Can't get past the vocals on the Agape song. That's the biggest thing between me liking the heavier stuff. i like the instrumentation, but then the vocals kick in.

the ABR song was better, only because the vocals were minimal. Again the instrumentation was great.

To each his own, I guess?