Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The National

Who's got two thumbs and goes to a concert by himself? This guy.

I went to see my favorite band The National last night at the Beacon Theatre in Manhattan.

I am not a good critic. I tend to write review that have very few words. Either something was Great or it was not.

Other than the girl who brought her mother**, everything about this show was absolutely fantastic. Theatre was beautiful, opening act was actually very good (The War on Drugs), and the National was excellent.

they play there every night this week. I really want to go back. If anyone wants to take me, let me know.

for your audible enjoyment, here are a few tracks:

**The mother was not a fan, and tried to decifer the lyrics to every song, when she discovered them, she was so happy and proud of herself that shouted them out, so it was a running commentary. She was directly behind me and I was ready to ask her to be quiet. To her daughter's credit, she was trying to shut her up.

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