Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's So Amazing About Grace

Been a while I put anything on here besides a video or cool link, etc. Been treating this blog like one giant email forward.

In my daily quiet times, I've been reading What's So Amazing About Grace by Philip Yancy

Found some really cool things about Grace. May post more as I find more:
From page 52,regarding Jesus' parables, especially the 3 in Luke 15: lost sheep, lost coin and lost son:

"We are accustomed to finding a catch in every promise, but Jesus' stories of extravagant grace include no catch, no loophole disqualifying us from God's love. Each has at its core an ending too good to be true--or so good that it must be true. .... Jesus says in effect
'Do you want to know what it feels like to be God? when one of those two legged humans pays attention to me, it feels like I just reclaimed my most valuable possession, which I had given up for lost.'
To God himself it feels like the discovery of a lifetime."
And on page 53:
"Grace is shockingly personal. As Henri Nouwen points out,
'God rejoices. Not because the problems of hte world have been solved, not becuse all human pain and suffering have come to an end, nor because thousands of people have been converted nad are now praising him for his goodness. No God rejoices because one of his children who was lost has been found.' "
(Emphasis in Yancy, not sure if Nouwent emphasized also or not.)

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