Monday, July 19, 2010

Compendium o' Links

I'm going to try to sort these. No promises:

The story of Katie Davis, missionary to Uganda. Her blog, and her website.

The passion of the crust? The bread of life? The crucifixion in art, as expressed with...toast?

Amazing guitars: here, here and here.

Rihanna's Rude boy transformed by the dhol.


Man, that deer is fast!

Remember those watches with transparent faces? The ones where you can see the gears turning. This is kind of like that. Sort of.


I once knew a guy who was researching artificial blood. Wondering if he is a part of this.

Wanna explore? How about these abandoned asylums and hospitals--see where labotamies were all the rage!

That too creepy? Then, how about cool hotel pools?

That too boring? Then, how about the world's most dangerous countries?

What's most detrimental to your health? Pirates? Zombies? Ninjas? Wonder no more!

If this is real, this is probably the coolest and scariest (think Skynet) thing in today's list.

The story of a perfect bid in the showcase showdown of the Price is Right.

Very cool: Super mario blended with reality.

Sign me up! Singing plasma!

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