Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday Playlist

I would post these songs myself, but since I don't have permission, I'll use youtube:

Forgive Me (Jonathan Roman/Originally by Tim Miner) (Can't find the lyrics--please listen)
edit: originally posted another video, but someone posted the original song by Tim Miner:

When God Ran (Shaded Red; Originally by Benny Hester, but I like this version) Lyrics

How Deep the Father's Love (Sarah Sadler)

I Stand Amazed (Chris Tomlin)

When I Survey (Fernando Ortega)

The Power of the Cross (Keith & Krysten Getty) Lyrics

Our Response:My Jesus I love Thee (Avalon)

And finally!
Easter Song (Keith Green; Originally by 2nd Chapter of Acts) Lyrics

He's Alive (Dolly Parton?? I like her version better than Don Fransisco's)

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Leo said...

Nice selection's...I love Keith Green's music. Hard to believe that he's been jammin in heaven for almost thirty years! Can't imagine the lyrics that he's composed since 1982!