Friday, March 26, 2010

Compendium O' Links

I suppose it's time for another set of links:

First of all, found a cool blog called "Things you wouldn't know if we didn't blog incessantly" or TYWKIWDBI for short. Many of today's links come from them.

A lot of cool nature links:
-A Sun Pillar,
-A crab's eye view of a Ray
-Spot the caterpillar camoflauged in the photo. Very cool.
-A weird fly.
-A useless video, except to note that animals sometime have it right.
-Not sure if this counts as nature, but dog v. patrol car (from Leo)
-Finally a interesting story about an immortal animal.

A couple musical links:
-Probably the world's first cyber choir.
-Not sure if I linked to this before. Doesn't matter, could use another referral. Some film makers filmed "Stand by me" around the world, then spliced them together seamlessly.

Geeky, nerdy stuff:
-Venn Diagrams
-Talk about a techo geek
-Then vs. Now. Wow!
-For the geeky mother-to-be
-The A to Z of Awesomeness
-Best pizza place name evah!

Just plain cool
-Even if you haven't seen the goofy movie, this is pretty cool.
-I can carve a steak, does that count? But crayons, no, sorry.
-Look closely at these "paintings". If you don't see it, check out the hair.
-I laughed.
-Every stereotype ever! The best movie trailer!
-Man this is cool--a water powered jet pack.
-My colleague has this as his ringtone. Sorry, non-U.S. residents, this one's on hulu. Use a proxy server to watch.

That's all for now. Enjoy.

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